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Possibly my favorite man on the planet.

Yesterday, I stopped by my pal Patrick Fabian's house. To pick up groceries he had gotten for me. Because I asked him to grocery shop for me (because it's hard to carry groceries and walk on crutches). Of course, he got me groceries. He also let me live in his house for half of August. He also has a wicked cool way talented wife (Mandy Fabian), two tiny perfect daughters, an incredibly busy shooting schedule, a Tri-athalon he's training for (which he will complete the morning of the Emmy Awards)--which he will attend with his cast members (Better Call Saul) nominated for Best Series. All of which is to say--Patrick Fabian is a busy man---but he has a heart of gold, and no matter how intense his life and commitments are--he ALWAYS makes time for his friends, no questions asked. I have known him for 25 years and value his friendship even more than his incredible grocery shopping skills-which are formidable.

SO: be sure to check out his website,, watch his show - and it is my sincere wish that you all have a "Patrick Fabian" in your life. Because that will mean you are indeed blessed. 


CURRENTLY, I am recovering from a massive, FIVE HOUR knee surgery (thus the new website, a great way to pass the time with my crutches). Before that though, June (to be exact), I wrapped the new Ang Lee feature Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. Shot in Atlanta and Morocco, the film is based on the critically acclaimed Ben Fountain novel of the same name. I play Denise, mother to the title character Billy (played by newcomer Joe Alwyn) and Katherine (Kristen Stewart...not a newcomer!).

The cast is awesome, the experience was incredible, and it was an education and an honor to work with Academy Award Winner (and fellow NYU TSOA Graduate!) Ang Lee. The cast also includes Garrett Hedlund, Steve Martin, Vin Diesel, and Chris Tucker. Billy Lynn promises to revolutionize the 3-D film experience and is expected in theaters nationwide in 2016. Follow me on twitter for all the latest (but not too much of the latest, or Sony will come down on me like a ton of bricks)!

Shooting on location in Atlanta.

Wire Fans!


Click the Rhonda (that's me, in the picture above!) She'll take you to my personal photo collection from five seasons of one of the most iconic shows in television history, on set and off. (photo credit HBO)

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  • Worlds best man (and wife) 
@patrickFabian @mandyfabian #goodpeople #diehardgood #bettercallsaul #amc #emmys #awardforexcellence
    Worlds best man (and wife) @patrickFabian @mandyfabian #goodpeople #diehardgood #bettercallsaul #amc #emmys #awardforexcellence
  • My avatar
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  • #CHOPSAVER #cvs #FINALLY #YAY!!!!!!
    #CHOPSAVER #cvs #FINALLY #YAY!!!!!!
  • I have the best friends in the Universe! THANK YOU @Patrickfabian and @mandyfab1 for the STUNNING digs. #sanctuary
    I have the best friends in the Universe! THANK YOU @Patrickfabian and @mandyfab1 for the STUNNING digs. #sanctuary
  • RG @kateriggnyc: Back on stage. With a vengeance @improvcomedyla #comedy #dirtyjokes #sociopoliticalrants #farts #regramapp
    RG @kateriggnyc: Back on stage. With a vengeance @improvcomedyla #comedy #dirtyjokes #sociopoliticalrants #farts #regramapp
  • Congratulations Baby! #instabest #instaaward #instawinnah #andshewroteittoo!
    Congratulations Baby! #instabest #instaaward #instawinnah #andshewroteittoo!
  • Record breaking: Literally 10 minutes after we removed it #NYCRecycles #heatwave #HAIERSUCKS #BrandNewandBroken #buyerbeware
    Record breaking: Literally 10 minutes after we removed it #NYCRecycles #heatwave #HAIERSUCKS #BrandNewandBroken #buyerbeware
  • #THEWIRE Family Reunion @shinybootz @sonjasohn  #debi #janice #perry  #JimTrue-Frost and @andreroyo...always working... #textaholic #LUV
    #THEWIRE Family Reunion @shinybootz @sonjasohn #debi #janice #perry #JimTrue-Frost and @andreroyo...always working... #textaholic #LUV
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This Just In...

If you know me, then you know I ALWAYS have ChopSaver in my pocket--my pal Dan Gosling invented it in his kitchen in Indianapolis, and for years it has been my secret weapon... well, as of today, YOU can walk into CVS and get some for yourself!! I am so happy for Dan and the whole Gosling clan--and for YOU--because now YOU get to experience the JOY that is...CHOPSAVER!! CONGRATULATIONS Team Chopsaver!!!! #TOTALLYUNSOLICITEDENDORSEMENT


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