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I am recovering from a massive, FIVE HOUR knee surgery! Not one, not two, but three ligaments in my left knee were replaced by Dr. Ronald Kvitne of Kerlan Jobe Orthopaedic, (he's also team surgeon for the LA Kings). My new "threads" were courtesy of anonymous cadaver donors, and although that sounds creepy, I am extremely grateful. Dr. Kvitne claims I'll be ready to roll (meaning walking again) by the end of the year, so my current jobs are physical therapy (a huge thank you to the incredible staff of JMP!) and building my web site (thanks Bandzoogle).


Shooting on location outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

In June, I wrapped the new Ang Lee feature film Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk. Set in Texas and Iraq, shot in Atlanta and Morocco, the film is based on the critically acclaimed Ben Fountain novel of the same name. I play Denise, mother of the title character Billy (played by newcomer Joe Alwyn) and Katherine (Kristen Stewart...not a newcomer!). 
Sony has just announced the release date for Billy Lynn!
November 11, 2016
; Veterans Day.
The cast is awesome, the experience was incredible, and it was an education and an honor to work with Academy Award Winner (and fellow NYU TSOA Graduate!) Ang Lee. The cast also includes Garrett Hedlund, Steve Martin, Vin Diesel, and Chris Tucker. Billy Lynn promises to revolutionize the 3-D film experience, shot at a staggering number of Frames Per Second (Life of Pi was twenty four FPS, Billy Lynn was about five times that!). Follow me on twitter for "all the latest" (but not too much - or Sony crush me like the cockroach that I am)!

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Click the Rhonda (that's me, in the picture above!) She'll take you to my personal photo collection from five seasons of one of the most iconic shows in television history, on set and off. (photo credit HBO)

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Just like my pal Oprah (yes, I admit I use the term "pal" loosely), I too have favorite things! In fact so many of them, I can't wait to share them with you. I have wicked-talented friends, colleagues, (and a fair number of random acquaintances) doing amazing things. From the creative to the practical (with a healthy dose of practically creative), I'll be posting links to their work, websites, and projects--because they are too cool not be celebrated and most importantly shared. Stay tuned and be excited. Be very, very excited!

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    Have crutch will travel. #finally #venicebeach #luckygirl
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  • #CHOPSAVER #cvs #FINALLY #YAY!!!!!!
    #CHOPSAVER #cvs #FINALLY #YAY!!!!!!
  • I have the best friends in the Universe! THANK YOU @Patrickfabian and @mandyfab1 for the STUNNING digs. #sanctuary
    I have the best friends in the Universe! THANK YOU @Patrickfabian and @mandyfab1 for the STUNNING digs. #sanctuary
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    RG @kateriggnyc: Back on stage. With a vengeance @improvcomedyla #comedy #dirtyjokes #sociopoliticalrants #farts #regramapp
  • Congratulations Baby! #instabest #instaaward #instawinnah #andshewroteittoo!
    Congratulations Baby! #instabest #instaaward #instawinnah #andshewroteittoo!
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I can't live without ChopSaver. My pal Dan Gosling, a horn player at the end of his rope with his eternally chapped lips,  invented it in his kitchen in Indianapolis.  I am so happy for the whole Chopsaver Family - which will include YOU, if you pick some up on your next visit to CVS. It will be love at first application, I have no doubt! And by the way - this is a totally unsolicited endorsement!!


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If you gotta have one...you gotta have one!

The Bobblehead pictured above is NOT a Ronnie Pearlman... it's a Dede Lovejoy... just to be clear (My mom's idea, and an opening night gift... go figure).